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10-31-2003 :: Pictures again, this time by arn.
10-30-2003 :: New pictures by Poison.
10-27-2003 ::

Party is over, this will be an afterparty site soon, until then: releases and results at scene.org, pictures by lvsti/TGD, pictures by zoom, and the first partyreport by elChY (hungarian).
If you have pictures or wrote a report, drop a mail and we will put it on the site!

Furthermore you can buy function03 party and demoscene.hu t-shirts from TomCat. (2500 HUF)

10-17-2003 :: The shirt-design has been changed due to technical reasons.
10-10-2003 :: You will have the opportunity to buy a party-shirt, which will look like this.
09-16-2003 :: The timetable and the detailed compo rules are now available.
09-04-2003 :: English site launched.