..:] Outro

It is done, it's over, it was nice, it was good. Even from an oraniser's view.
Thank you for coming, and if not then you can regret it. You've missed the Friday night "Ice Age", you didn't see the demoshow, the animation show, and you don't know what it's like when hedgehogs with red toruses around their neck smoke weed and have sex while waiting for death.

Quote from Innocent:
"Pros: best organizer team of my life (by the book: flexible outsider pals, dj charlie, dj zoom, and the Finns :)), kign demoshow, great feeling, rulez 1 hour compo, correct prizes (I like the cup very much, my first prize that my mom adores, too), rocking soundsystem and beamer."

Overall quality of the compos was good, we got even retro entries, the 4k and 64k compos had a tight outcome with marginal differences in points. Albeit, we had only one demo, and no raytrace entries. But the wild demo compo didn't have such quality and fun releases since a long time.

Final words:
See you next year, maybe not the same place and same time, but there will be Function:04.